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How to calculate approx. cost of interim occupancy

The occupancy period starts when your municipality declares the building as “fit for occupancy”. During the occupancy period, builders charge occupancy costs or interim occupancy fees, which are monthly payments to your developer. Interim occupancy fee consists of three things: Interest on Outstanding balance due to builder Approximate Property Tax Approximate Maintenance Fee To give you...

Things to check before signing a preconstruction agreement

This is one of the most important one for investors, the assignment clause allows you to sell your property before it's even constructed. Before signing an agreement, double check if there is any cost associated with the use of assignment clause in future. Capped Development Charges: Development charges are paid to the city by developers and builders further charge it to the buyer and amount is...

How to pick right investment project

Here are some of the basics things to look for in any upcoming projects, this will determine your Return on Investment. Price per sq ft: Always check comparable properties are sold in the area - Price per sq ft = Sale price/total sq ft. This will give you the current market price. Remember new projects are usually sold on future value so expect premium but pick the project with a reasonable premium,...

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