How to pick right investment project

  • by Vinny Soni
  • 1 year ago
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Here are some of the basics things to look for in any upcoming projects, this will determine your Return on Investment.

Price per sq ft:

Always check comparable properties are sold in the area – Price per sq ft = Sale price/total sq ft. This will give you the current market price. Remember new projects are usually sold on future value so expect premium but pick the project with a reasonable premium, don’t go blind, don’t get carried away, consider future factors such as upcoming developments in area, city plans etc.

Payment Plan:

Easier the payment plan, better it is. Depending on property type it may take anywhere 2-5 years before you get possession, so make sure you’ve clear visibility of your finances. Again, do not over stretch.

Proximity to Highways and Public Transport:

These two things will have a huge impact on the future value of your investment, make sure to check what exists and what is lined up for the future.

Builder past project:

Very important to research about builder past projects, read reviews, quality of work, gains, delivery timelines, this will ensure you’re making the right decision.

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